People Strenghts

At Snipe, we believe that our strategies are solelydependent on the talent, skills and passion of our people. In turn, we are passionate about finding the best talents and making sure they develop and grow with us.

We believe that “Our People are Our Strength”. Their commitment, alignment, skills, competencies and determination drive the Group towards excellence.

What inspires our employees most is working in an environment which resembles a big and happy family, despite being in different geographical regions globally.

There are many different nationalities within our organisation, different cultures, yet we work as one team, with one vision. We face challenges together, share our experiences as well as continuously motivate and learn from each other.

At Snipe, we listen attentively and encourage participation in the decision making process. The Group also believes in empowering its people and providing them with the right tools and support to enable them to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

It is our mission to recognise, nurture and support our employees at every level and to continuously provide opportunities for them to develop their competencies and to realise their full potential.